MIKADO STARLIGHT 4.5mm x 35mm 2pcs
MIKADO STARLIGHT 4.5mm x 35mm 2pcs
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Very popular angling light sticks facilitating night angling. Made to be placed on floats antennas, bottom rods tips and to increase attractiveness of spinning lures such as twisters and wobblers.

This starlight works on the simple but established principle of two non-toxic, non-corrosive chemicals inside a plastic tube separated by a wall of glass. This wall breaks when bent, mixing the chemicals and causing a reaction and the resultant powerful glow which lasts between six and ten hours. 

Indispensable article for night fishing these chemical starlights can be used for a big variety of fishing situations like surfcasting, carp fishing, float fishing. They come into a pack of 2pcs including 1 starlight tip rod holder.


Available at size 4.5mm x 39mm

Pcs per pack: 2pcs


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