Refund Policy

If you're not completely satisfied with a product, or what you received is not what you ordered, return it to us within 14 working days from the date of delivery, provided it has not been used and is in the same condition in which it arrived, including its packaging.

In cases of product returns the customer is charged with the shipping costs.

After we receive the returned product and find it to be in good condition, we will refund its full value in the way dictated by the buyer.

Product Returns

In case of wrongful execution of an order, company KN FISHING TACKLE LTD will fully refund to the buyer the cost of the merchandize including shipping expenses, provided the product is returned in excellent condition.

In the event that an error cannot be undoubtedly attributed to our company, we will refund only the monetary value corresponding to the products in the order, while shipping expenses are to be covered by the customer.

In case you receive a product that comes with a default, or does not operate according to its specifications, it will be replaced once you inform us on the telephone 0035777770038 or by e-mail in the following address

Product returns are accepted only after the customer informs KN FISHING TACKLE LTD and only if the products are unused and in their original packaging.

The return of a defective product should be through one of the collaborating Courier companies. In case the customer prefers to use another provider, one not collaborating with then he/she will cover the shipping expenses. Company KN FISHING TACKLE LTD reserves the right not to accept the parcel.

In case a product has been used by the buyer, or its original packaging has been damaged, KN FISHING TACKLE LTD will not accept the return of a product.

Refunds are provided within 14 working days from the receipt of the order.

In case a product's return does not take place within 16 calendar days from the day it was received, or one of the return conditions is not met, e-shop has the right not to accept the return of the products and their replacement.

Before a product is returned, the customer has to contact e-shop in advance.

Shipping of Return Product

Provided the customer has already contacted company, and the product is in excellent condition and meets the requirements for returning it, the parcel can be sent via one of the collaborating courier agencies. Inside the parcel, the customer is required to insert a note indicating the reason for returning the product. In case it can be proven that the product, after being inspected by the employees of, does not meet the return requirements, it will not be accepted back, as it has been explained above. In this case it is returned to the customer who also undertakes the obligation to cover the shipping expenses.

Canceling or Amending an Order

You have the right to cancel, or amend your order at any point, unless it has already been delivered to the courier agency. In that case, the customer has the obligation to receive the order and then proceed to return it, according to the procedure described above.

For the cases when a customer wants to cancel or amend an order, while this is still in the premises of KN FISHING TACKLE LTD, the customer can contact in a timely manner, through email, or by calling the telephone number 0035777770038 and one of our representatives will handle the cancelation or modification of the order.